We hold the largest Genealogy Section in
the county. Offering Microfilm of the De Queen
Bee dated back to 1897, Census records,
and much more. Come Research your ancestry
or call for more information.






For a fee of $10.00 we will conduct a brief search for SPECIFIC items of information LIMITED TO ONE PERSON.

For Example: we will attempt to locate birth, death, and marriage data for a SINGLE NAME. The fee covers the costs of making a search and includes up to four Xerox Copies. We cannot assure you that we will find any pertinent information, but we will make a reasonable effort to do so. We will not research any UN-indexed materials. We will research census films only if the township is known. When we search THE FEE WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

We do not engage in long term research for any individual as we do not have a research librarian as such, and research must be done in the time available after regular library duties are completed. Please allow up to two weeks for a reply.

Please word your request simply and specifically, include all the information you have, and type or print legibly all names, dates and towns. Enclose the fee, either check or money order, and indicate if you are willing to pay for additional copies at .20 cent per page. Also include a self – addressed stamped, business – size envelope. 

Sevier County Library

200 W Stilwell Ave

De Queen, AR 71832